Working with ClickGum

Working with ClickGum

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How do I set a max number of clicks to a link?

Enable this advanced feature to set a maximum number of clicks that will be received to that tracking link. Max Clicks: is the maximum number of unique clicks. Once that limit is reached. ClickGum will redirect the rest of the clicks to Backup...

How to add Traffic Cost to a Tracking Link?

Traffic Cost: setting Cost Per Click (CPC) for a tracking link. Which is how much you pay for one click. This way ClickGum will automatically calculate your total traffic cost (spending) and your return on investment (ROI).  

How to use Geo-Location Targeting feature?

Geo-Location feature has two options 1. Include Countries: Include only countries that you want to see your tracking link. and other countries will be redirected to Backup Url. 2. Exclude Countries: Excluded countries that you don't want...

Mobile URL and iOS URL

ClickGum detect visitors or clicks device type: You can redirect clicks coming from Mobile device to a custom page/url. Same for iOS device. This is useful to segment your traffic based on Device Type and redirect them to a custom page/url for...

How to redirect repeated clicks to different url?

If you wish to redirect the same visitor to different URL once they have already clicked on your Tracking Link. use Repeated Url feature. How it works: if same visitor click on Tracking Link twice. on the second click it will be redirected to t...

What is Pixel/Code on the Advanced Setting?

Pixel/Code feature allow to insert a Pixel or a Code (e.g. JavaScript code) in intermediate page. This pixel or code will fire when link is being redirected to it finial destination. All this happen 3 ms ( 0.003 Seconds) Example: You can use th...

Blank Referrers - How do I completely hide my referrers?

If you want to hide or “blank” your referrers so the sites you’re sending traffic to can’t tell where it’s coming from, it’s super easy to do. Just go into the Advanced Settings for any link or rotator. Then, save your changes, and that’s all t...

How to set Expiration Date for a link or rotator?

You can set your link or rotator to expire at a specific day and time. and when that time arrive clicks will be redirected to a Backup Url you set.

Adding Note to a Tracking Link.

We have this Note feature. where you can assign notes to a tracking link or rotator that will only be visible to you. This will be can be handy when managing multiple marketing campaigns.